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Spotlight: Florida

Save up to 25% on your hotel as you discover the beautiful state.
Hotel Specials
The Holiday Park Hotel & Suites, Fort Lauderdale, FL, from $45(USD), through 11/12/2017
Comfort Suites Chicago Schaumburg, Chicago, IL, from $45(USD), through 11/12/2017
Jacksonville Plaza Hotel & Suites, Jacksonville, FL, from $45(USD), through 11/12/2017
CitiGarden Hotel, San Francisco, CA, from $45(USD), through 11/12/2017
Microtel Inn & Suites - KCI Airport, Kansas City, MO, from $45(USD), through 11/12/2017
Rocky Waters Inn & Suites, Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN, from $46(USD), through 11/12/2017
MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa, Lake Tahoe, NV, from $46(USD), through 11/12/2017
Best Western The Mainstay Inn, Newport, RI, from $47(USD), through 11/12/2017
Baymont Inn and Suites Columbus at Rickenbacker, Columbus, OH, from $49(USD), through 11/12/2017
Artisan Hotel Memphis, Memphis, TN, from $49(USD), through 11/12/2017
Savannah Garden Inn, Savannah, GA, from $49(USD), through 11/12/2017
Red Roof Inn Washington, DC - BWI Airport, Baltimore, MD, from $49(USD), through 11/12/2017
Indian Wells Resort Hotel, Palm Springs, CA, from $49(USD), through 11/12/2017
Ramada Airport North Hazelwood, St. Louis, MO, from $49(USD), through 11/12/2017
Emerald Coast Inn And Suites, Destin, FL, from $50(USD), through 11/12/2017
International Inn Cape Cod, Cape Cod, MA, from $50(USD), through 11/12/2017
Best Western Waterfront, Port Charlotte, FL, from $51(USD), through 11/12/2017
Queen & Crescent Hotel, New Orleans, LA, from $52(USD), through 11/12/2017
La Quinta Inn & Suites Naples, Naples, FL, from $52(USD), through 11/12/2017
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